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Komune Rakapare recontextualizes the idea-practice of “commune” as organizational basis for autonomous collective life, consensual decision making process, and non-hierarchical structure. “Rakapare” (derived from Sundanese “raka” which means sibling and “pare” which means paddy) was chosen early in our journey (mid 2014), when we frequently intersected with agrarian conflict and land-grabbing phenomena in Javanese forests and rural areas.

Along the way, we learn and lose many things, experience mutation and co-evolution, but continuously seek to involve ourselves in the dialectics to fight exploitation and recover socio-ecological crisis through intersectional analysis i.e. gender, class, race, species, etc.

For the time being, Komune Rakapare can be found in Surabaya and Bandung.


To realize social transformation, Komune Rakapare uses critical approach to examine crisis and experiment alternative models. Our platforms include:


Amidst the co-evolution of capitalism and neoliberal urbanization, it’s important to reformulate situation ontologically and epistemologically. Theoretical basis is crucial to frame relevant and contextual strategy.

Thus, movement, program, or project in Komune Rakapare bases itself on scientific research. Reciprocally, learning process and research are carried out collectively for radical social transformation. Every scientific innovations must always be connected to collective theoretical and political perspective, where socio-ecological aspects of working class, women, and other marginalized groups play important roles.


Nowadays, we experience how art and aesthetics become medium to spread domination and accumulation logic that disadvantages people and nature-culture. Thus, there needs to be some efforts to radicalize art and use it for social change; beyond formal evaluation and technique (though we all understand how form and technique mutually reflect ideology). Art is not only limited to gallery, stage, or other exhibition space. It should encompass our living space through various methods, expressions, and creation of possible counter-hegemonic interactions and relations.


In post-1965 Indonesia, cooperative has been constructed monolithically and uprooted from its radical proposition as an alternative economic organization against capitalism. Therefore, we organize various discursive platforms and studies to explore the ideas, strategy, and cooperative formulation that answer our contemporary needs and context.

Organizing political-economic chain (value, labour, worker’s perspective, exchange, and surplus) is urgent if we want to hack waged labour regime in capitalism–beside the need to create  movements independent from state, corporation, and/or donor agency’s cooptation. To sharpen its collective economy strategy, Komune Rakapare created a network of cooperative units:

Sanggare, Koperasi Perupa Independen  / Artisan Cooperative

Ura-Ura, Koperasi Pendidikan  / Education Cooperative

Senandung Sejuk, Koperasi Peramu  / Nano-Brewery Cooperative


Organization as Experimentation

Komune Rakapare experiments our movement and proposition through partnership and involvement in collective process, especially those of marginalized groups. For the present, we do several community projects with street vendor and urban kampung ecosystem.


Despite every limitations, Komune Rakapare tries to voice solidarity with other elements of social movement network, in order to realize socio-ecological justice, to stand against land-grabbing, state impunity, eviction, capitalist development, and so forth.

Komune Rakapare is open for collaboration, i.e. to hold discussion, film-screening, workshop, and other forms of partnership, as long as we are able to contribute.

You can contact us via komune.rakapare@gmail.com



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